Here's Where You Can Find It 

The McPizza is just that...a pizza, from McDonald's. This item, although not in line with the golden arch's typical menu items, has quite a large fan following; so large that even Canadian friends are hopping the border to get their fix. 

This nearly extinct item, is found in only two (fairly) remote locations: Pomeroy, Ohio and Spencer, West Virginia.   

People are freaking out about this delicacy so much so that two fans drove the 500 miles from Canada to the West Virginia location, to get their hands on this 'za. The McPizza odyssey was documented extensively and put on Youtube, only to go viral in a matter of days; and now everyone wants to get their hands on it.

Eight hours for a personal that's dedication.

That's a nine-hour drive all for a little fo-Italian piece of 'za, ladies and gents...

Whether you are near or far from these two locations that serve one of Mickey D's most misunderstood items, one thing that is for certain—the company does not want the world knowing about it. After all, if people are willing to drive over nine hours for a slice of 'za, why isn't the McPizza on menus word-wide?