McDonald’s most iconic dessert, the McFlurry, turns 25 (!!!) this year. And really the only appropriate thing to do is celebrate with some McDonald's merch. Unfortunately, the limited-edition McFlurry pajamas set sold out quickly, but don't worry! I've rounded up more ways you can still keep totally chill in some other awesome Mickey D’s swag. Here are three pieces you're going to be totally obsessed with.


World Famous Fries Lounge Set,, $30, shop now

Stay stylish while chillin’ at home (because where else would you go) in this super comfy lounge set.


McDonald's Hair Ties,, $8, shop now

A 3-piece set of hair ties to keep your hair up, and your love for McDonald’s even higher. This set includes all over prints of Sesame Seeds, a Big Mac, and World Famous Fries.


World Famous Fries Sweatshirt,, $25, shop now

Real ones know Mac Don’s has the best fries. But only super fans can rock this World Famous Fries sweatshirt.

I just can't imagine a better feeling than munching on your fave McDonald's meal rocking some McDonald's merch. Happy shopping!