Apparently, Halloween is like your ex-boyfriend—gone and already forgotten. It's a new day of a new month, and we're on to bigger and better things: Holiday Season 2K17. In the spirit, starting today, McDonald's McCafè is bringing back its most festive drinks, including Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Hot chocolate. And for an added touch of cheer, they're serving them up in new holiday cups.

Here's everything you need to know and more about how McCafè is kicking off the holiday season.

The Drinks

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

I'm assuming I don't have to explain the flavors; both are peppermint and both are delicious. But for a limited time at participating restaurants, you can get any small McCafè specialty beverage (including these newbs!) for only $2. Now that's what I call getting into the spirit!

Better yet, you've probably heard that McD's has teamed up with UberEATS to deliver it's entire menu, and drinks from McCafè are no exception. So, yeah, when it starts snowing and you don't want to put on your boots (or you just can't get away from watching Netflix), you can get your Peppermint Hot Chocolate brought straight to you in a pretty, red cup. 

The Cup

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Of course, we gotta talk about this cup. The announcement of McCafè's new drinks and new cup rivals that of Starbucks' release of their famous holiday cups and classic holiday beverages. 

Unlike Starbucks' cups, however, McCafè cups are completely red. They also feature stars and the phrase, "Wonder in Every Sip."

Although I'm not sure I understand how "Wonder in Every Sip" connects to the holidays, or as McDonald's says in a press release, "inspire[s] the joy of the holiday season," each cup is Forest Stewardship Council certified (basically, environmentally friendly) and that's pretty inspiring, I guess.

These holiday cups will be available starting Nov. 6 until supplies last. 

So, if you want a delicious Peppermint Mocha with a side of fries or an Egg McMuffin, you know where to go, or where to order from. McCafè has your back this holiday season.