Valentine's Day is next Wednesday and I've never wanted a piece of jewelry more. But not like any old ring or bracelet. I want the Bling Mac, an 18k gold stackable ring made to look like a McDonald's Big Mac. Sorry Kay Jewelers, you ain't got nothing on this.

More About This Bling

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

The Big Mac is turning 50 years old this year and McDonald's is celebrating with style and class. First, they're bringing back the three different Big Mac sizes (Mac Jr., Big Mac, and Grand Mac) that debuted in 2016. Delicious. But more interesting, they've created a Bling Mac ring with yes, real gold, diamonds, and sapphires that's worth $12,500.

The ring is made up of seven stackable rings actually, each depicting different parts of a Big Mac: two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion, and a sesame seed bun. It's awesome and I want it. However, you can't just buy this ring anywhere, you have to win it. 

How to Win The Ring

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

If you're also convinced that you need this Bling Mac ring, you'll have to throw your f*ckboi ways to the side and actually commit to it. Like literally, write some vows on how much you love the Big Mac. Then, tweet at McDonald's your love of the burger with #BlingMacContest. The most unique and hilarious vows will win. Keep in mind there's only one of these babies, so you're gonna have to really stand out. 

For The Non-Winners

OK, so if you don't win, honestly, I feel for you and with you. But the designer of the ring, Nadine Ghosn, offers other "chic, edgy, and unique 18k gold designs." Take her other burger rings: the Hamburger Ring ($880), Veggie Burger (GF) Ring ($8400 and worth it because it's hilariously labeled as gluten-free), Burger and Fries Cufflinks ($880), and a non-traditional Onigri Burger Ring ($7800). 

All of Nadine's jewelry is unique and totally memorable, but the Bling Mac is truly one of a kind (really, it's the only one available). So tweet your love for the Big Mac at McDonald's for a chance to win and tell your future partners sorry, but you're already married to the Big Mac.