Did you see that McDonald's signature Golden Arches are turned upside down today? No, it's not a weird prank. Today is International Women's Day, and the upside down 'M' that now makes a 'W' is to celebrate women everywhere. 

McDonald's is turning its logo upside down on all digital platforms (check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) today, and 100 of its restaurants will celebrate with special packaging, crew shirts, hats, and bag stuffers. 

It's the first time in McDonald's history that they've flipped the arches, Wendy Lewis, McDonald's Global Chief Diversity Officer, explained in a statement. "From restaurant crew and management to our C-suite of senior leadership, women play invaluable roles at all levels, and together with our independent franchise owners, we're committed to their success," she said. 

According to Lewis, 62 percent of McDonald's employees in the US, and six out of 10 restaurant managers, are women. 

McDonald's says it will turn its logo upside down on all its digital channels, such as Twitter and Instagram, on Thursday, while 100 restaurants will have special "packaging, crew shirts and hats, and bag stuffers" to celebrate.

Lewis also provides an example of an extraordinary female in the business, local franchisee in California, Patricia Williams. Williams tells her story in a video for the brand (above), and how between her and her daughters, she came to own and operate 18 McDonald's franchise locations as a single mother.

"The opportunity for a mother to show her kids what it's like to be her own boss—that was invaluable," Williams said.

I'm not even sure how they did this, but today, you can see her restaurant in Lynwood, California's arches flipped outside on the main sign by the road. It's awesome.

Today, International Women's Day, is a day to honor both women who have accomplished extraordinary things, and those still fighting and pushing for their goals. McDonald's turning their arches upside down isn't necessarily going to make anyone's dreams come true, but let it serve as a reminder that women are powerful. Women are a force. And women, like Williams, can make things happen. 

Today in the U.S., 62% of McDonald’s employees are female, six out of 10 of restaurant managers are women and we have one of the largest supplier diversity programs designed to support our global operations.