Calling all Shamrock Shake lovers: McDonald's engineered a straw specifically for the Chocolate Shamrock Shake. The fast-food corporation really upped its game just in time for the beloved green-colored milkshakes. 

Following McDonald's recent release of four new mint and chocolate beverages, this new straw is expected to shape all sipping experiences. It's safe to say they're not kidding around when it comes to impressing your tastebuds.

The limited time Chocolate Shamrock Shake – a marriage of chocolate and mint flavors – faced a big issue: how would people get the perfect combination of flavors in each sip? 

Luckily for us (and our stomachs), McDonald's engineered a straw with the help of two aerospace and robotic engineering companies – JACE and NK Labs – to create a device that delivers the perfect mix of chocolate and mint. Thank you, science.

What Does It Look Like?

This creation is designed to look like a "J" with three holes. The material is also thicker than the plastic used in average straws. With three holes in the straw, you'll be able to get all the right flavors in all the right places. 

So, What Do I Need To Know?

Dubbed the creative name "STRAW," short for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal, the invention will be available at exclusive locations. Only 2,000 straws have been made. 

Customers purchasing a Chocolate Shamrock Shake at these exclusive locations will receive this miracle straw on a first come, first served basis. Check to see if your nearest McDonald's is on the list.  

For those of you like me, without a nearby location giving away the STRAW, follow McDonald’s Facebook page for a chance to win this futuristic-looking drink device. 

With a limited batch in a limited number of stores, there's no guarantee your shake will be blessed enough to receive the over-engineered straw. May the odds be ever in your favor, and may your sipping endeavors be all the more diverse with this creation.