As an avid fan of ice cream, I would have never thought there would be something someone could do to ruin this delicious summer treat for me, until now that is. Ice Falkirk, an artisanal ice cream shop in Scotland, tore the internet to pieces earlier this week when it posted a shot of one of their latest creations: mayonnaise ice cream. If reading that sent a chill down your spine, don't worry, you aren't the only one

The instant hatred I and thousands on social media users have towards this creation isn't just because it has mayonnaise in it (in fact, there are certain times when you have to use it), it's the idea of mayo and ice cream together. Something about it is just... wrong. You wouldn't put Tabasco on cheesecake would you? Or mustard on a chocolate bar?

So why does it exist?

The minds behind Ice Falkirk are renowned for creating out-of-the-box ice cream flavors. Some sound good like their Strongbow cider ice cream, some are interesting like their Monster energy drink ice cream, but none of these flavors are as interesting as mayonnaise ice cream. When asked about the flavor, Ice Falkirk's owner, Kyle Gentleman, described it as a "full on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste ... yum!" I don't know if it's just me, but that description doesn't make me feel much better. 

While the idea of mayonnaise ice cream goes against everything I stand for, I would still try it if I had the chance. After all, you should try everything once, even if it confuses you.