Being a wine fanatic myself, I immediately took to Matt Bellassai's tipsy, yet charming demeanor and his hilarious, brutal honesty that followed. Matt Bellassai was a comedy writer for BuzzFeed, and has also been awarded "Employee of the Month for 39 straight months" according to the 'About' page on his website.

Additionally, almost a year ago, Bellassai was awarded "the first ever People's Choice Award for Favorite Social Media Star," according to his website.

About two years ago, he began his "Whine About It" series. "Whine About It" was comprised of "a weekly video series where he got drunk alone and violated numerous Human Resources bylaws." In short, he said what everyone else was thinking.

In his video series, Bellassai would discuss holidays, roommates, texting, coworkers, and other content, mostly complaining about how each topic was actually the worst.

1. Types of Foods That Are the Worst

"Because I'll eat almost anything, except for most things."

2. Why Pants Are the Worst

"Last time I tried on pants, they had to send in a fireman to rescue me." This speaks to all of us on a spiritual level.

3. The Worst Things About Fall

I mean, we're all thinking it.

4. Worst Things About Being an Adult

"All of the jobs are like, 'Entry level position, must have 30 years of experience in the industry.'" This has happened to everyone at least once, (probably more).

5. Why Going Out Is the Worst

"Everywhere you go costs money. I have like $3 and a half-eaten bean dip with a little chip stuck in it." College students on every level.

6. The Worst People to Text

"Don't you dare text me 'K,' unless you're ready to throw down." There's always that one person.

7. College Students That Are the Worse

"Guess what, parents? I saw that tour guide at a party being covered in maple syrup." They're not all diamonds.

8. Why New Year's Resolutions Are the Worst

Someone: "New Year, new me!" Me: *Rolls eyes* 

9. Why Matt Bellassai Is "The Worst," (but not really)

"Because apparently getting drunk at your desk once a week for eight months straight is 'disruptive' and obnoxious.'"

Shortly after, he left BuzzFeed to pursue ventures of his own. Recently, he's begun a new web series, "To Be Honest," in addition to a stand-up tour. Bellassai also has other projects coming up, including "a forthcoming scripted web series, book, television series and podcast. He is also working on his tan." He has recently appeared on a few episodes of Chelsea Handlers new Netflix series

Regardless, Bellassai's nonsensical rants are timeless and filled with relatable content that will leave you laughing. The videos in the "Whine About It" series are available on his Tumblr page.

So, if w(h)ine Wednesday isn’t already a tradition of yours, maybe hop on board the Bellassai train, grab a glass, and just whine about it.