During my biking explorations around Providence, I find myself in the middle of "nowheres" while on my quest to find beautiful natural spots. No question about it: biking is the go-to move for a break from college life (and your mom's daily calls – bonus points if you end up somewhere without signal).

As soon as I find the perfect place to walk around or just place my bum on a soft grassy (snowy?) spot and enjoy some peace, I know that something is missing. True, I am surrounded by dreamy perfection. But if this is a dream, where’s the food

(hint: do you see a smoothie jar anywhere?)

pasture, chocolate, coffee
Marky Pertsemlidi

After my realization (like come on, how can biking not make you hungry?), I made a snack pact with myself. For a vintage-y aesthetic and an easy-to-carry solution, I used a mason jar for my homemade blends. So here are my 5 all-natural smoothie jars for 5 all-natural adventures:

Mason #1: Strawberry Coconut Smoothie Jar

I have absolutely no idea how I managed to wake up at 5am, but the idea of a gorgeous sunrise and a delicious strawberry extravaganza made it all worthwhile. This smoothie is amazing when enjoyed cold, and burying it under a layer of snow certainly does the trick.

What? Strawberries, coconut flakes, coconut milk, flax seeds, Greek yogurt, cinnamon

cake, chocolate
Marky Pertsemlidi

Where? A white sunrise from Wanskuck Park

beer, water
Marky Pertsemlidi

Mason #2: Berry Granola Smoothie Jar

Is there anything more beautiful than Purple In White? (Ok maybe Blue In Green. Bless you, Bill Evans.) After a 40' ride, I slurped my berry creation, chilling with a family of ducks. They kept walking around the frozen pond, until they decided that crossing the road was a better idea (did you know angry drivers are a thing?).

What? Mix of berries (eg. blackberries, raspberries, blueberries), granola, Greek yogurt, soy milk, cinnamon

coffee, milk, chocolate
Marky Pertsemlidi

Where? A frozen morning at Barney’s Pond (Lincoln Woods State Park)

Marky Pertsemlidi

Mason #3: Green Kiwi Smoothie Jar

People tell me they’re afraid of making spinach smoothies cause "it’s a veggie so it'll taste like a salad". Lemme put it this way: the tomato in your salad is a fruit. Plus, you can't even taste the difference. Trust me and give salad-based smoothies a chance. (I’d still leave the tomatoes out of the equation if I were you.)

What? Banana, kiwi, spinach, coconut milk, Greek yogurt, granola, flax seeds

milk, cheese, bread, dairy product
Marky Pertsemlidi

Where? A rainy afternoon at East Bay Bike Path (between Watchemoket Cove and Providence River)

Marky Pertsemlidi

Mason #4: Pineapple Chia Smoothie Jar

I went with a pineapple blend here in order to save the sweetest smoothie for "dessert": it's both refreshing and a great source of vitamin C (is this why I didn’t end up sick in bed for a month?). Combine it with chia and a hint of cinnamon for the perfect balance between sweet and tropical magic.

What? Pineapple, coconut milk, chia seeds*, steel cut oats, Greek yogurt, cinnamon

Marky Pertsemlidi

Where? A midday stroll at Blackstone Park

corn, straw, wheat, pasture, cereal
Marky Pertsemlidi

#Spoontip: Unless you prefer them crunchy, you can make a chia pudding by soaking the seeds overnight in coconut milk (or whatever liquid medium you prefer).

Mason #5: Banana Dates Smoothie Jar

Voila! the chocolate soufflé of smoothies: a super smooth banana smoothie (smooth smoothie, get it?). The date pieces feel like you're chewing semisolid chunks of honey, so if this isn’t revolutionary enough for you, I don't know what is. (You might want to reconsider the tomato smoothie and lemme know how that goes.)

What? Banana, medjool dates (blend these two first), Greek yogurt, flax seeds, soy milk, cinnamon (or a bit of raw cocoa)

coffee, dairy product, milk
Marky Pertsemlidi

Where? A sunny afternoon at Seekonk River (Taft street)

fish, salt, water
Marky Pertsemlidi

After 816 pictures (yes, the number is legit) and 5 smoothies that were vanished in 5 seconds each, I finally came back to “yay, CS project due tomorrow.” No need to say that, instead of studying, I very much stayed in my bubble of wanderlust, trying to figure out where my next adventure would be.

Word – we will all soon find out. Just let me fail college real quick and I’ll be right back in action with my mason jar.