If you watch a lot of baking shows you probably hear the terms marzipan and fondant pretty often. I think the first time I heard the word fondant was on the show Cake Boss. I also had the cutest, and maybe a little extra sweet 16 cake that looked the way it did thanks to fondant. Both fondant and marzipan look similar and seem to have similar purposes, so what's the difference between marzipan vs fondant?


According to The Kitchn, marzipan is sometimes called almond candy dough. It's made from almonds, sugar, glucose syrup, water, and sometimes egg whites. It's normally made by grinding blanched almonds with the other ingredients. It depends on the recipe whether or not it's cooked. Food coloring can also be added, and it has a consistency similar to clay, which means it can be used well for many decorative purposes. Marzipan tastes strongly like almonds.


Fondant has a very sweet and sugary taste. Fondant also has a moldable consistency, like marzipan, although it's not as easy to work with. Fondant is made from sugar rather than almonds, which gives it a different flavor. It can also dry out easily, which means you have to be more aware when handling it.

Fondant comes in two different types. There is rolled fondant as well as poured fondant. Poured fondant can be used as a filling in candies or as a drizzle over sweets such as cake. Rolled fondant is the moldable type, which is what I tend to think of when I hear the word. Poured fondant is made by boiling powdered sugar with corn syrup and water. It cools a little and is then stirred until creamy.

Rolled fondant also breaks down into sculpting fondant and gum paste/sugar paste. Sculpting fondant can be stiffer and the gum paste will typically harden. Rolled fondant is usually made from corn syrup and powdered sugar. Food-grade glycerin and gelatin are also added. Alternatively, it can be made from marshmallows, corn syrup, and powdered sugar. Maybe you can play a round of the chubby bunny challenge while making it this way. 

When to Use Each

When thinking about using marzipan vs fondant there are a few things to consider such as nut allergies, strong flavor, and how workable the ingredient is. There are pros and cons of both, but if you find the right baker for your event it is sure to work out. The next time you're watching your fave baking show, you'll know what they're working with when they use marzipan or fondant.