Mars Wrigley Confectionary is putting out a call for all candy-lovers and I heard them loud and clear. I'm not really known for being nostalgic for my college days, but I would gladly go back for their internship. 

Dubbed the "World's Sweetest Internship", the program is now in its second year, lasts 12 weeks, is fully paid and offers a signing bonus of one year’s worth of candy.

Ok, so what are the details of this magical job?

My sources at Mars Wrigley Confectionary tell me the job, based in Chicago, gives you a rare glimpse behind the "wrapper" so to speak, along with an opportunity to make an impact on the Chicago community at large. Some of your perks include:

-Sampling basically all-you-can-handle of chocolate, gum and fruity sweets, including flavors that the public hasn't tried or even heard of and brand varieties that they offer in about 180 countries around the world.

-Traveling to different manufacturing sites to see how the different brands get made.

-Producing a personalized chewing gum and discovering amazing flavor combos from their product lab (side note: if one of you readers gets this internship and wants to send me gum, I wouldn't be mad).

-Capturing your experience for their social media channels.

And that's only breaking the surface! 

You had me at candy internship! How do I apply?

Check out this link and hurry! It starts late May and goes through August so my guess is they'll be choosing someone quick.