For the first time in over 75 years, a new candy filling is about to be added to the M&M's family, and we can't wait. 

Mars Chocolate announced that they're going to be rolling out a caramel filling within the next few months. This will add a fourth category to its candy portfolio: crispy, smooth, nutty, and now, chewy.

While the company regularly introduces new and seasonal flavors, it create new fillings for their candy less frequently, so this is a huge deal for Mars Chocolate. Unlike with its seasonal flavors, reports say that Mars is expected to keep the caramel M&M's as a permanent member of its product line. 

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Kelley Buck

Hank Izzo, Vice President of Research and Development for Mars Chocolate, told CNN Money that caramel is not only "extremely trendy," but the "fastest growing segment in food right now."

And he's right. It's no secret that everyone loves caramel, whether it's in their lattes, on their apples, or in their baked goods, so we can't wait for another way to enjoy this popular flavor. 

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Don't drop what you're doing and rush to the stores, though. These super trendy M&M's don't hit the shelves until May of 2017. So in the meantime, get your caramel/M&M's fix by making these Rolo M&M's Pretzel Bites