I have always been a fan of watching sports. While I do enjoy the entertainment provided and the unifying effect of sports games, the reason I am such a fan is based on the accompanying food. There is nothing quite like cheering on your favorite team while gorging on a variety of chips, dips, sweets, and other appetizers. In honor of March Madness, I thought it only fitting to share what I believe to be the best four game day snacks of all time. Whether or not your bracket turns out the way you hope it to, this snack spread lineup will not let you down.

#1: Cowboy Caviar

I am starting off with a less commonly known game day snack: cowboy caviar. I'm not totally sure if this dish qualifies as a salad or maybe a dip, but I do know that it is addicting. For those who have never tried cowboy caviar, it is a delicious combination of black beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, peppers, and avocado, tied together by Italian dressing. This recipe requires no cooking and can be ready to eat alongside your favorite tortilla chips in under half an hour. I have linked what I consider to be the best recipe.

#2: Spinach Artichoke Dip

Well-loved for good reason, spinach artichoke dip belongs in every game day snack spread. While you can buy a pretty good spinach artichoke dip at the grocery store (I am a huge fan of the La Terra Fina one sold at Costco), making it from scratch takes things up a notch. The linked recipe is one of my own, which I believe includes all things an amazing spinach artichoke dip ought to: many forms of cheese, lots of artichokes, spinach, and some onions to accentuate the flavors. This recipe is a cooked dip, so the preparation is a bit more laborious as a result. However, don't let that dissuade you; this recipe is most definitely worth your while. I love to serve it with pita chips and fresh-cut vegetables.

Sophie Packman

#3: Wings

This wouldn't be a game day food review without wings. Even though I am perfectly able (and content) to fill up on chips and dip, it is important to have a dish with a bit more sustenance: that is where wings come in. The wings recipe linked is a delicious, easy recipe that takes under an hour to prepare and serve. This recipe is for buffalo wings, which I believe to be the best way to make them. Don't underestimate this recipe just because the wings are cooked in the oven as opposed to fried—they most definitely live up to their "crispy" reputation. Even though I do love to cook, if you are looking for a shortcut, this is the dish I would recommend ordering in; takeout wings are easy and always a crowd-pleaser.

#4: Cookies

To complement the savory game day snack spread, dessert is a must. You really can't go wrong with desserts, but my go-to has got to be classic chocolate chip cookies. Sure, you can always pick some up from the grocery store or a local bakery, but this recipe is fairly simple, and you can definitely taste the homemade difference. While this snack pick may be contentious as the final of the four, I think it is crucial to finish things off on a sweet note.

Sophie Packman