March Madness and alcohol basically go hand in hand. Maybe you got lucky and actually have teams left in the Final Four of your bracket, or maybe your bracket didn’t have a chance after week one. Maybe you literally don’t know anything about college basketball, but your friends promised great snacks at their viewing party. Wherever you fall, you will want a drink this Saturday. Grab a beer or a bottle of tequila, or get fancy with some basketball-themed drinks, and get ready to get tipsy. We present to you: the Final Four drinking game of your dreams.

final four

Photo by Laura Bailey

Take a Jell-O Shot if…

final four

Photo by Sheon Han

Sip your beer if…

  • You see a Boomer sign in the Oklahoma Game. (Take an extra sip if you don’t know what that means, either.)
  • The announcers bring up Syracuse’s second-half win in the Elite Eight.
  • You thought that Notre Dame would beat UNC in the Elite Eight.
  • Someone at the party checks their bracket.
final four

Photo Courtesy of the Mave Hotel

Finish Your Drink If…

  • The game is tied.
  • There’s a 10-point or more comeback.
  • A lower-seeded team wins.
  • You have a team in your bracket going to the Championship.
final four

Photo by Izzi Clark

Possibly the only thing that college kids love to rally around more than March Madness is alcohol. So let’s all raise our red solo cups to a night filled with blood, sweat and tears (on the court) and lots of bracket-checking at your viewing party. Cheers.