The Brunch Toast Heard Round the World

Kelly Hazlett

My quest to find the bougiest brunch toast all began last month when my roommate engineered a peanut butter, banana, granola, honey, and cinnamon masterpiece. The perfectly golden bread served as the vessel for all this goodness, and I can honestly say it fueled me through my whole morning of studying.

This got me thinking: there are endless possibilities when it comes to toast, so there’s no excuse to start off the most important meal of the day with plain, boring toast. All you need is some creativity, and you’ve got yourself a fun array of brunch toasts. Here are a few brunch toasts that will definitely add some zest to your morning.

Chocolate and Strawberries: A Love Story

Kelly Hazlett

I decided to start small and make a tiny jump from peanut butter and banana to another classic dynamic duo: Nutella and strawberries. I don’t think it’s possible to have a bad day if you start it off with warm chocolate spread and fresh strawberries, especially if you go the extra mile and top it off with powdered sugar. Now that is the ultimate power move.

Jammin' With Cream Cheese

Kelly Hazlett

Cream cheese shouldn’t be tied down to the bagel, and I am a firm believer that cream cheese deserves its own spotlight. I decided to spread cream cheese on the toast then top it with a small helping of strawberry jam. This creamy yet sweet combo is refreshing and fast for those rushed mornings. To add that extra pizzazz, I sprinkled the toast with slivered almonds. However, you could add any nut or granola in place of it to create your ideal toast.

Charcuterie Toast

Kelly Hazlett

Next, I decided to keep exploring the toast and fruit method, but I made one huge change: no more spread. Who needs peanut butter or Nutella when you’ve got white sharp cheddar cheese? (I realize that this is a debatable question but stick with me.) While the toast was heating up to perfection, I placed thin slices of cheese on the toast.

Once the cheese melted, I took the toast out and added a sliced Macintosh apple. To make this “pinky up” worthy toast, I finished it with chopped bacon and drizzled honey. I've got to credit my inspiration on this one to the notoriously boujee charcuterie board which showcases an extensive spread of cheeses, meats, fruits, and breads.

Avocado: The King of Brunch Toast

Kelly Hazlett

The time had come for savory toast, so I started with the ringleader of boujee ingredients: the avocado. This one is sure to fill you up and start your day the right way. Thinly slice a little bit of avocado and layer it on the toast, then add a few slices of tomato and fresh basil. The fresh basil brightens the toast and enhances the favor. However, if you don’t have fresh basil, you can use dried seasoning or even go for red pepper flakes to give it some kick. Finish the posh dish off with salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Mediterranean Morning Toast

Kelly Hazlett

My next attempt with savory brunch toast went a bit off the beaten path, but I was pleasantly surprised. I went the Mediterranean route on this one by starting with hummus as the base spread. I then layered on sliced cucumber and tomato, finally topping it off with crumbled Feta cheese, salt, and pepper. This one is truly a game changer because you still get all the savory you could’ve hoped for while maintaining that light, fresh taste.  

Now you have all the tools to create the bougiest brunch toast out there. The possibilities are endless, so trade in your buttered toast for any and all of these exciting upgrades.