As much as I love a trip to Disney World, the lines, the two-hour drive from Gainesville, and heat stand in the way of my favorite part: the food. So why don't you try making Disney food at home? I gathered recipes for my three favorite snacks around Disney World - Mickey Waffles, Dole Whip, and of course, the Grey Stuff.

Mickey Shaped Waffles

Courtland Campo

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no matter what time you eat it. So I decided to make these Mickey waffles at 7 p.m. and #noregrats. For these, I decided to make the batter from my personal fave waffle mix, Krusteaz. And this Mickey Mouse waffle maker.

Waffles began to take over the counter space and soon, a very tall stack began to take shape.

Courtland Campo

Dole Whip

Courtland Campo

To accompany these golden brown waffles, I decided to lighten up the meal with some fruit. The word "fruit" is used very loosely here as the Dole Whip is basically just ice cream with some pineapple juice.

For the Dole Whip, I blended frozen pineapple, vanilla ice cream, and pineapple juice. And in order to get the ~aesthetic~  swirl, I froze the concoction and piped it into the glass with a gallon plastic bag.

The "Grey Stuff"

Courtland Campo

And finally, to close the meal, the infamous "Grey Stuff." For those who are not obssessed with Disney, Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast sings of the gray stuff in "Be Our Guest."

"Try the grey stuff, it's delicious!"

And delicious it was. The Grey Stuff is basically a cookies-and-cream-pudding-whipped-cream. So basically, everything that is good on the planet. And though you can eat the grey stuff out of the bowl (as I did), it makes for a perfect frosting on a brownie or cake. 

Courtland Campo

With my three treats done, I was ready to sit down and consume a whole lotta sugar. Making all these sweet treats gave me so much appreciation for the food team at Disney. They truly go above and beyond to create delicious food for their guests. So next time I'm craving a Dole Whip, I may just make the two hour drive.