The beauty of snack food is that it’s easy and delicious, which is perfect for the hungry (and lazy) college student. That said, sometimes you want a snack that isn’t just chips and salsa, but rather something that actually feels homemade and substantial. Thankfully, there is hope, because now you can make fancy(ish) food in no time while needing only two ingredients. Your snacking will never be the same, guaranteed.

1. Banana Pancakes


Photo by Zoe Zaiss

Who says pancakes aren’t snacks? A delicious and easy snack, at that. 

2. Peanut Butter Fudge


Photo by Sarah Lossing

This fudge recipe literally takes five minutes to make, so you have no excuse not to make it. Yum.

3. Applesauce


Photo by Kendra Valkema

Applesauce is not only healthy, but super flavorful and can last in the fridge for about a week.

4. Nutella Souffle 


Photo by Alex Furuya

So good, so fancy, so easy.

5. Dulce de Leche Rice Krispies


Photo by Alex Furuya

Impress yourself and your friends with these damn delicious and classy rice krispies treats.

6. Braided Nutella Bread


Photo by Eileen Wang

Not only does this snack taste damn good, but it looks super snazzy, too. 

7. Coconut Macaroons


Photo by Gabby Phi

These light cookies are perfect for snacking on.

8. Key Lime Pie Dip


Photo by Kristi Cook

Never had pie as a dip before? Well, now you can.

9. Mac and Cheese Hand Pies


Photo by Clare Beatty

Perfect for when you want a snack that’ll fill you up a little bit.

10. Chocolate Mousse


Photo by Jeanne Kessira

Every chocolate lover’s dream snack

11. Oreo Bark


Photo by Katie Elliott

Yum. Maybe even try making this snack with some crazy flavored Oreos