A new semester has begun and it won’t be long before we’re heading to the corner store to stock up on caffeine. Whether you’re cramming for that first midterm or partying until the sun comes up, college students need the energy. We all have different majors, and similarly we all treat our sleep deprivation with different medicine. Students select different types of caffeine to nurse while cramming for school; so why not pair majors with their matching caffeinated drinks?

Engineers: Let’s be honest. Engineering majors of any kind don’t just need caffeine, they need energy. Want to stay up all night studying for your biomedical engineering exam–whatever that is–then Red Bull is what you need. Red Bull gives you wings, and these kids need them.  

Business: For our various business majors, not just any coffee will do. To complete their “interview ready” look, they need a cup of Starbucks coffee in their hand and a stern, yet approachable, look on their face. The entire looks says “Hire me”.  

Liberal Arts: While the school of Liberal Arts offers a diverse umbrella of majors, these studies, such as language, economics and English, all share a “classic” vibe. So for their classic drink, these students are espressos, dense with caffeine and knowledge alike. (Although they also leave a bitter aftertaste. Maybe because four semesters of a language becomes a tiresome requirement after semester three).

Natural Science: Another large category of majors, natural science students are the caffeinated soft drinks, such as Cola, Dr. Pepper, or Mountain Dew, because these drinks will continue to have less and less calories thanks to the advancements in science.

Fine Arts: Our dance, theatre, music and art majors need their drink to be smooth and iconic, but also unique and original. Departing from traditional sweet tea, Fine Arts majors would be Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s fine.  

Communication: I would say either a café au lait or mocha, but more accurately a mocha. Mochas are a combination of coffee and chocolate: somewhat frivolous and yet we couldn’t quite live without it.

Pharmaceutical Studies: Let’s be real, these kids are on Ritalin.