You might only carry Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits in your purse now, but there was a time when you packed roughly 11 flavored chapsticks, from cupcake to Dr. Pepper, in your sequin monogrammed Limited Too purse. Now, you can reminisce in all the glory of the good ol' days with MAC Cosmetics' new dessert-flavored lip gloss collection. 

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According to Revelist, the collection is called Oh, Sweetie and comes in 15 highly pigmented colors. Each gloss is tied to a different flavor, ranging from Strawberry Torte (bright red) and Coconut Macaroon (pinkish beige) to more non-traditional ones like Banana Muffins (orange) and Wild Berry Frosting (blue).  

Unlike your childhood make up kit, the texture, according to Bustle, is actually more like a shiny liquid lipstick rather than a sticky sheer gloss. However, each lipgloss is packaged in a clear tube decorated with multi-color sprinkles, and you just know that your 8-year-old self would be freaking out. Heck, your twentysomething self is probs freaking out. 

Oh, Sweetie lip glosses will be available on MAC Cosmetics' website June 11 and hit stores on June 14, each one going for $17. That's arguably more expensive than a cupcake or an ice cream cone, but the pigment should last you more than a couple of bites.