Move on over, Nutella. While you'll be forever loved across the world (especially in France), there's a new guy in town, and you're bound to have some serious competition. M&M's Chocolate Spread is the newest, the baddest, and the greatest concoction that Mars has ever given us, and we are so here for it.

It's Chocolate Spread With M&M's

The M&M's Chocolate Spread with Crispy Pieces is a chocolate hazelnut spread (like Nutella) mixed with pieces of colored, crispy M&M's. Basically, it's heaven on earth in a 12 oz jar. 

How has no one thought of this earlier, you ask? Well, someone did. In February 2017, @Joshumph tweeted: "Imagine if they made crispy m&m chocolate spread, would be a game changer."

Well, Josh, either you're from the future, or M&M's owes you a million bucks, because this idea is genius. And the people of Twitter are loving it.

My thoughts summed up: 

Where To Buy It

Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the M&M's spread is only being sold in Asda grocery stores, which means it's only available in the UK (*tears*). However, while it may not be on Target shelves yet, you can still buy it online from Asda, and it's only £2.79 ($3.87). Cue the applause!

If you're not here to pay for international shipping (I feel you), you'll have to stick to mixing Nutella with mini M&M's. But whether you'll be buying this treat or making it on your own, this choco spread is guaranteed to be a new household staple.