In 2003, Ludacris released his third studio album "Chicken-N-Beer" (which went triple platinum, btw). Ten years later, Ludacris announced he would be opening a "Chicken-N-Beer"-themed restaurant.

Three years later, the dream has finally come true. Tomorrow, on November 17th, Ludacris will open his restaurant in Atlanta's very own Hartsfield Airport, which just so happens to be the busiest airport in the world.

He made the (second) official announcement on Instagram this evening. According to Luda, it will be nothing but "great food, great drinks, and great energy."

When Ludacris first announced the opening of the restaurant, Nerve took a guess at what some of the menu items could be, from "What's Your Fanta-Sea Bass with Asparagus" to "Stand Upside Down Pineapple Cake."
Considering how much I love chicken and beer and have always wanted to visit Atlanta, I'd say it's only a matter of time before I book a one-way ticket.