If you frequently experience extreme fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, or any other symptom of anemia, there’s a good chance iron supplements are a staple component of your daily vitamin intake. Allow me to introduce you to a simpler, more affordable alternative—the Lucky Iron Fish.

What is the Lucky Iron Fish?

The Lucky Iron Fish is a reusable cooking tool created to address the problems of iron deficiency and anemia. It is  proven to consistently release 6-8 mg of biodegradable iron with every use without changing the dish’s taste, color, or smell. True to its name, the tool is a fish-shaped iron ingot. Although now available as a leaf as well, the tool’s original shape comes from the company’s Cambodian roots, where the fish is widely considered a symbol of luck.

What is Iron and Why is it Important?

Iron deficiency is currently one of the world’s greatest nutritional challenges, affecting over two billion people across the globe. Low iron levels can impact a myriad of daily processes including memory, concentration, energy levels, and more. Different people require different levels of iron intake depending on a variety of factors, such as age, gender, and lifestyle. Children, people with dietary restrictions, athletes, and women—especially pregnant women—are among those who are at the highest risk of iron deficiency.

How Does it Work?

One of the greatest benefits of the Lucky Iron Fish is its simplicity and convenience. To use your Fish, all you need to do is place it in water or any liquid-based meal with a little bit of acidity. When boiling water, add in a couple drops of citrus. If you’re making soup or stew, the vegetables and other ingredients should contain a sufficient amount of acidity so that it isn’t necessary to add any extra. The acidity causes a little bit of the iron to come off the surface of the Fish and into the dish. Remove your Fish after boiling for ten minutes—by this point, the entire dish will be fortified with natural, safe, and easily-absorbable iron.

#SpoonTip: Visit this page for Lucky Iron Fish recipes.

How Should I Maintain My Fish?

The tool’s small size makes it easy to store as well as to clean and maintain. Wash your Fish with water and soap before and after each use, and thoroughly dry it so that no moisture remains. Add a few drops of Lucky Fish Protection Oil to prevent rust. When used and maintained correctly, one Fish can be used daily for up to 5 years—about 1800 uses—making it a far cheaper source of iron enrichment than iron pills and other supplements. You'll know to replace your Fish once the smile detail on its surface disappears.

The Lucky Iron Fish is rigorously tested to ensure quality and safety assurance throughout the entire production process, and its efficacy has been scientifically tested and proven. In addition, a portion of each Fish/Leaf sale goes toward supporting undernourished communities. So, the next time you get up from your seat only to promptly sit back down as you’re engulfed by a wave of iron deficiency-induced dizziness, plop your Fish in a pot and get cooking!