Summer is quickly approaching and the weather is starting to heat up, finally giving us some rays. Cookout season is coming up soon too (if you already haven't started), so you'd best be ready for it. This summer, break away from the typical burgers and franks and go for a different approach. Here are 5 flavorful Hawaiian and Polynesian foods you'll typically find at a Luau – and ones you'll want to try at home.

1. Kalua Pua'a

A Luau main dish served is Kalua Pua'a, which is Kalua Pig. It's shredded pork that is spiced with salt. Typically cooked over an open fire, it can be also cooked in a slow cooker for a home-friendly cookout, too.

2. Shoyu Chicken

meat, barbecue, pork, chicken
Christin Urso

Another common main dish is Shoyu Chicken, and it is just the best honestly. It's chicken marinated with soy sauce, sugar, garlic and ginger. That is one of the simplest dishes to make and it's easy to throw on a grill.

3. Lomilomi Salmon

This is a fun side dish that reminds me of pico de gallo. Lomilomi Salmon is tiny pieces of salmon cut up mixed with a variety of small condiments, such as onion and tomato. You can switch it up and serve this instead of the usual potato salads and pasta dishes.

4. Butter Mochi

pumpkin, bread, cake, butter, corn bread, peanut, peanut butter
Sally Kishi

Time for dessert! Butter mochi is Japanese rice cake with coconut and butter. It's similar to short bread, having a light and airy consistency. It requires few ingredients to make and is a fun alternative to your typical ice creams.

5. Coconut Cake

The classic coconut cake is hard to pass up. This simple white cake with vanilla, coconut and lemon is such a moist and refreshing cake to eat. It's the perfect summer cake to cool off with. You can also peek at these summer treats that satisfy your sweet tooth.

Hopefully this will inspire you to mix up your summer cookouts and bring in some Hawaiian and Polynesian flavors. Make this summer better than the rest and branch out. Hey, you never know, these could become your newest food staples.