It’s okay, you can admit it. We’ve all shot a dirty look at the girl who normally gorges herself in chocolate, but finally refrains from a buying herself 3 bars at Houston Market. Why, might you ask, does this always seem to occur in around March/April? No, it’s not the Spring Break diet that’s rewiring your peers food choices, it’s Lent. And yes, for those who strictly follow it, lent can be a pain in the ass.

So what’s the deal?

Lent is a six week period where Catholics “refrain from indulgence” and either a) give up something they feel they can’t live without (food, cigs, sex) orrrr try to improve their life in some way/shape or form (go to mass every sunday, curse less, give more compliments).

So what does that mean for us eaters?

For six weeks, yes- six WHOLE weeks, Catholics limit themselves from eating chocolate, baked goods, bread, candy, pizza- literally ANYTHING that poses them with a challenge. Unless you like to half-ass it, and give up something you never usually eat anyway!

How do you survive?

You don’t! That’s why there are cheat days- Hense; sunday! On Sundays, some Catholics believe it’s okay to cheat and eat whatever it is you gave up. Cue: food comas.

Are there any other rules involved?

Yup! On Fridays, especially Good Friday (the Friday before Easter) Catholics are not supposed to eat any meat. AKA why you hear your friends silently curse when they realize they’ve added the wrong protein to their salads.

But, this sounds horrible!

Well, it certainly isn’t fun. But it makes Easter Sunday all the more Sweet. Feast yourself with chocolate eggs, peeps, loaves of sweet bread galore. Plus- what day is better than sunday to eat your life away and sleep?

Happy Easter 🙂