Lancaster Central Market is home to some of Lancaster’s freshest and most mouthwatering food options. With cuisines ranging from Italian to Greek, there is truly something for everybody. One of the most exciting and satisfying stands is a spot called Farm 2 Table Creations. Home to a multitude of eclectic sandwich options and fresh meat and cheeses, it surely lives up to its name. This local Lancaster food stand brings fresh flavors to the Reuben sandwich. 

On my last visit to this incredible food vendor, I decided to order their Reuben Sandwich. Some other savory options included a Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a Grilled Mushroom Fondue Sandwich. I plan to try these other sandwiches on my later trips, but this time around the Reuben was absolutely my top choice. Now, I have had my share of Reuben sandwiches in my day. Many of them are a bit underwhelming as it is tough to get that perfectly delectable balance of sauerkraut, corn beef, Swiss cheese and dressing. I even have had a Reuben back home in Delaware with coleslaw on it, and while tasty it lacks some bite and flavor you naturally get from sauerkraut. I even had a deconstructed Reuben one time which was served to me in a bowl, which was not necessarily my cup of tea. The particular version of this iconic sandwich at Farm 2 Table Creations I think is utter perfection. Some people are a bit curious when it comes to Reuben sandwiches, for example, how is it different than a Pastrami sandwich? Well, I am here to tell you that the Reuben is what everyone needs in a delectable sandwich. 

The key to a perfect sandwich is balance. There needs to be a balance of ingredients as the flavors interact with one another. I had a feeling the sandwich would be at least flavorful, as the vendor was a legitimate butcher, but I had no idea how strong the sandwich itself would be. The bread was nicely toasted which added a level of smoke to the overall sandwich. The corned beef, as expected from a world class butchery, was flavorful and melted in my mouth. The swiss cheese was not as overwhelming as other versions of this sandwich which I appreciated. The sauerkraut was spot on, wonderfully acidic with just the right amount of a tart bite. The thousand island, which I think might have been homemade was unbelievable. Thousand island is typically an afterthought on a Reuben, but here it dressed the sandwich so well and was the perfect sauce for this meal. Yes, this was a sandwich that truly eats like a meal. The generous portions and outstanding flavors make it a real bang for your buck. Farm 2 Table Creation’s Reuben Sandwich is a wonderful culinary experience that is sure to please food lovers and casual admirers of high quality sandwiches alike. 10/10 Highly Recommend.