Started right here in Pittsburgh (hence the area code reference in the name), 412 Food Rescue is devoted to fighting hunger through a fast-tracked collection service for fresh, unused food.

The company quickly matches fresh food that would otherwise be thrown out with community organizations that serve underprivileged people.  The team aims to rescue fresh, perishable food deemed unsellable but still perfectly usable.

The 412 Food Rescue charity is based off of the shocking statistic that 1 in 6 go hungry. The goal is to directly distribute fresh food to organizations, rather than create a food bank.

Co-founded by Leah Lizarondo of Brazen Kitchen and Giselle Fetterman of The Free Store, the organization is spearheaded by two women passionate about food and passionate about charity.

Leah, local health-food aficionado, is crazy about health advocacy and social innovation.  If you ask anyone who knows her, they’ll tell you that Leah does it all—because she does.  Leah writes, cooks and has helped to create a solution to the common waste of perishable foods in our city.

Giselle has continued her efforts towards sustaining our local communities by co-founding 412 Food Rescue.  Her other major effort lays in her town of Braddock, PA, where she has created a free store for anyone who needs it.  It is able to sustain itself through donations and volunteer work, while continuing to serve the Braddock community as well as the Allegheny County community at large.

We know what you’re thinking… how do we get involved?  You can donate or become a volunteer.  The cause is also always looking for food donors and recipients.  Why not turn your love for food into a love for helping others?