As a town full of young people and college students, Hoboken is a perfect place to find delicious and satisfying late night eats. Although generic spots that serve cheap food late into the night such as Cluck-U, Benny’s, and McDonald’s are solid, the same few greasy foods are unhealthy and inevitably begin to get boring.

For a day as special as 4/20, one should only indulge in late-night food of the highest quality, while hopefully not breaking the bank. Thus, without further ado, these are the best spots in Hoboken to get quality late-night food after a lit 4/20.

Midtown Philly Steaks

Midtown Philly Steaks is a Hoboken classic. The small cheesesteak joint is open until 11 PM on most weekdays, and as late as 4 AM on weekends. And, it's conveniently located on Washington Street between 5th and 6th street. The menu has a variety of signature cheesesteaks, chicken cheesesteaks, hoagies, and sides, the majority of which all under $10. My personal recommendation would be a classic cheesesteak with American cheese, peppers, and onions, and if you are craving an extra layer of umami, mushrooms as a perfect final addition.

Mamoun's Falafel

If your munchies are a bit more exotic, Mamoun’s Falafel is perfect spot to visit. The local Middle-Eastern chain is open until 2 or 3 AM on most weekdays and Sundays, and 5 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Although pricier than most other late-night restaurants, Mamoun’s is most definitely worth the price. It is also located on Washington Street, right across from the McDonald’s on the corner of 3rd street. Even though Mamoun’s is best known for their falafel (which I highly recommend), I would suggest the other options on their menu to really satisfy any and all munchies requirements. Any of the meat plates or sandwiches, including lamb Shawarma, Chicken Kebob, Shish Kebob, and Kafta Kebob, are going to you leave you more than content. All sandwiches are served with pita bread, salad, and tahienh sauce. All plates come with double the amount of meat as a sandwich, salad, and sauce and pita bread on the side. And if all of that still doesn’t quite do it for you, a slice of Baklava to-go surely will.

Empanadas Cafe

Finally, if you are feeling especially bougie, there is a runner-up that I would recommend: Empanadas Cafe. Unfortunately, is not as wallet-friendly and delivery may be your best bet. The small Argentinean cafe is also located on Washington Street, between 1st and 2nd street, and is open until 3 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Although the restaurant itself is small, the food is extraordinary. All the empanada choices on the menu are delightful, may favorites being Spicy Chorizo and Ham & Cheese, but will cost you either $3 or $3.50 depending on the specific empanada. As a bonus, each table is stocked with the cafe's signature spicy sauce and chimichurri, which are absolutely loaded with flavor and only compliment the already delicious empanadas.

So if you do plan to get your munchies game on in Hoboken this 4/20, try changing it up a bit! Hit up any of these spots to satisfy all of your 4/20 munchies needs or to just try something new!