Anyone who even thinks about food has probably watched a few episodes of Chopped and Triple D on The Food Network, scrolled through food blogs, and explored cookbooks and food-magazines. The food resource many miss out on, however, is the diverse world of food podcasts that are available at the touch of a button.

To me, podcasts are the ultimate form of entertainment. They don't require flipping through pages or staring at a screen, making them perfect for a road tripping, walking around campus, or listening before bed. They are accessible through iTunes, Apple Podcasts, or just online and seem to cover every topic imaginable, including all areas of food.

Whether you're in the mood to laugh, relax before bed, or acquire some cooking knowledge to show off at your next dinner party, there is a food podcast out there that will surely meet your needs.

1. Spilled Milk

If all you want in life is food and a good laugh, Spilled Milk is definitely the podcast for you. Best friends Matthew and Molly taste international snacks, food classics, and pretty much anything remotely edible for your entertainment. They try different foods while all the while joking around and telling relatable stories that will surely improve your day.

Perfect for a road trip or a midday pick me up, this podcast is certain to give you the light-hearted food-related humor you need in your day.

2. Gastropod

If you are fascinated by the science and history behind what we eat, don't pass up the opportunity to nerd out on food. Rather, check out Gastropod. Hosts Cynthia and Nicola discover the secrets and mysteries behind things like peanut allergies, whether or not vegetarianism is better for you, and how kombucha is made. They manage to keep things interesting while sticking to the facts, giving you all the information you need to become the food snob you long to be.

3. Bon Appétit Foodcast

If you're the kind of person who is always up to date on the latest food crazes, including restaurant openings, top chefs, and food celebrity gossip, the Bon Appétit Foodcast is the show for you. People from all realms of the food world are interviewed on this show. Bon Appétit's writers talk dinner parties, analyze food celebrities (think Nigella, Bobby Flay, and Giada) discuss their views on cooking, share their top tricks for home cooks. Some of the world's most highly regarded chefs even talk about whats big in the restaurant scene.

Whether you're looking to host a successful holiday dinner party, decide where to spend your next foodie vacation, or are eager to learn a new kitchen skill, this podcast has got you covered on all things trendy in the food world. 

4. Burnt Toast

Food52's podcast, Burnt Toast, covers a wide variety of comical, light-hearted, and informational food-related topics in a way that tucks you into bed for some sweet foodie-dreams. James Beard Award-nominated host Kenzie Wilbur talks to chefs, food writers, members of the Food52 community, and more about the things we love most about food.

On Burnt Toast, you can learn where the Kit-Kat Jingle came from, listen to Nigella Lawson talk about dinner parties, discover genius recipes, and laugh at some of the best holiday meal fails of all time. The tone of this podcast is calm and the conversation is kept light, yet interesting, making this podcast a perfect, relaxing way to end your day on a food-related note. 

5. Special Sauce

Learn something new about food and life in the conversations featured on Special Sauce. Ed Levine, the founder of the beloved Serious Eats, hosts the show. In every episode, he talks to some of the best people the food world has to offer about things like the future of food, their journeys through the food world, and the way todays most popular foods came about.

Another good pre-bedtime podcast, Special Sauce will allow you into the world of food and teach you something new, while providing an intimate and detailed story to make you feel all warm and cozy right before bed. 

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Caroline Liu

Whether you need a good laugh or want to learn something new, a food podcast can definitely help you out. Take a break from the endless stream of food-related instagrams on your feed or food blogs you're looking at. Give one of these foods podcasts a try for a new way to stay caught up on all things food.