Ditch the junk food like a bad relationship, and trade it in for this snack that won’t leave you regretting all your life decisions the next day. Eating healthy in college can be hard, especially when that piece of cake in the dining hall is calling to you.

Maybe you’ve even tried switching the dorm room staples of candy and chips for healthier snacks, but they’re just not doing it for you. There is hope, however: in these dark times, homemade kale chips could the next love of your life. They’re the real deal, even if all the following benefits make them seem too good to be true.

They’re good for you

kale chips

Photo by Laura Lim

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of kale. It’s one of those green, leafy vegetables that’s been sweeping the nation lately, and with good reason.

Kale’s got a lot to offer, including high amounts of Vitamins K, A and C, fiber, calcium, and much more (for a complete list, check here). Like any good, healthy relationship, this one brings out the best in you.

They’re easy to make

kale chips

Photo by Sarah Wilson

Taking a relationship to the next step can be scary, but don’t let this snack intimidate you. Unlike potato chips, kale chips don’t have to be fried (yet another health benefit); you can make them anywhere you can find an oven. There’s no fancy equipment involved, and the recipe is super simple. Plus, if you make them yourself…

They’re customizable

kale chips

Photo by Hannah Lin

Add whatever you want to these chips. Salt and pepper? Always a smart choice, and you can season to the taste. Parmesan cheese? Tried and true. Chili flakes? If you like spice, go for it. Random foods you happen to have lying around? Why not. This perfect partner will change to fit your mood and needs.

They’re filling

kale chips

Courtesy of toriavey.com

Most snacks lack substance (looking at you, potato chip) and only leave you hungry for more, but kale chips won’t betray you like that.

Cooked kale in general is filling, and the chips shrink in the oven so you don’t realize how many leaves you’re eating. Maybe don’t stuff yourself right before a meal, but it’s definitely a great option if you’re looking for something satisfying to tide you over.

They’re delicious

kale chips

Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

This is, of course, the most important reason. Embrace your leafy prince or princess charming: kale chips are a crunchy, salty alternative to other snack foods, and once you start eating, they’re hard to put down. Don’t just take my word for it though: next time you’re near an oven, make some for yourself and see.

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