Eugene, Oregon is a city that prides itself with organic farming, unique restaurants and a multitude of farmers markets scattered across the county. Chain grocery stores don’t compare to the freshness and quality of the products sold at street markets each week and certainly aren’t serving mostly locally based goods. Although it may not seem like farmers markets are a viable option for a broke college student to get their groceries, Eugene markets actually happen frequently, close to campus and are easy to access. So whether you’re making your way downtown for some fresh berries or some tie-dyed toilet paper, visiting these following lane county farmers markets is an easy way to get your shopping done while promoting the local economy.

farmers markets

Photo courtesy of Lane County Farmers Market

1. Lane County Saturday Farmers Market

Where: 8th and Oak Street

When: Saturday 9am-3pm,  Beginning of April-Mid November


2. Lane County Winter Farmers Market

Where: 8th and Oak Street

When: Saturday 10am-2pm, Beginning of February-End of March


3. Fairmount Neighborhood Farmers Market

Where: Corner of 19th and Agate

When: Sunday 10am-2pm, Beginning of June-October


4. Hideaway Bakery Farmers Market

Where: 3377 East Amazon Dr, behind Mazzi’s Restaurant

When: Saturday 9am-3pm, year-round


5. The OG Farmers Market

Where: 295 River Rd, 97404

When: Tuesday-Friday 12-6pm, April-December


6. Whiteaker Community Market

Where: Corner of 6th and Blair Blvd

When: Thursday 4-8pm, Beginning of May-End of September


7. Winter Green Farmers Market

Where: 1250 W. 18th and Polk St

When: Wednesday 2-6pm, Mid June-Mid October


8. Holiday Farmers Market

Where: 796 W. 13th, Lane Events Center

When: Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 11am-5pm, Mid November-Mid December


9. Spencer Creek Growers Market

Where: 86013 Lorane Hwy, Spencer Creek Grange

When: Saturday 10am-2pm, Beginning of June-Beginning of October


10. FOOD for Lane County Youth Farm Market

Where: 3311 Riverbend Dr, Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend

When: Thursday 2-6pm, Beginning of June-End of October

Second Location

Where: 705 Flamingo Ave, Springfield OR

When: Saturday 10am-2pm, Beginning of June-End of October