I know this might be because I'm getting old (after all those long nights and early mornings, I have to admit that my body can't bounce back like it used to), but nothing beats a night with friends, drinks, and a great movie. And we love finding drinking games online because that just means less energy towards creativity and more energy towards alcohol. So join my friends and I as we take a Disney classic, throw some alcohol in the mix, and corrupt everything a healthy amount. Here are the rules to your new favorite Friday night activity: the ultimate Lion King Drinking Game.

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not support binge drinking. I know right now you're laughing in the face of danger, but at no point should you underestimate your drinks.

Round 1: Take a Sip

- For every start of a new song (think of it this way: the more you drink, the more lyrics that'll come to you)

- For each of your animal friends in the "Circle of Life" (I counted 15, so feel free to split that up amongst yourselves)

- For each of Scar's sassy moments

- For Nala's sex eyes (we all know that this is indeed a thing)

- Every time Nala shows up Simba #girlpower

- For every animal pun (pay close attention to those clever hyenas)

- For Timon and Pumbaa's bromance

- When Simba decides to go back and be the hero the Animal Kingdom deserves

- Because Sarabi after all this time is still the baddest lioness in all the land

- Each time Simba calls Scar a "murderer" or a "liar" 

Round 2: Take a Pull

- For the entire presentation of Simba to the Animal Kingdom (talk about iconic scenes)

- For those hyena laughs

- When you're overhearing secret information about who will really be king

- For the suspenseful stampede scene (is there really any other way to get through it?)

- To sympathize with Pumbaa's past (he's been through a real stinker)

- Because we all are recognizably jealous of Timon and Pumbaa's carefree attitudes

- When Simba betrays "bros before hoes," and Timon and Pumbaa know it

Round 3: Take a Shot

- When Mufasa dies (we all need something to ease the pain)

- The first time you think adult Simba's hot (no need to be embarrassed, it's crossed everyone's mind)

- Every time you hear "Hakuna Matata" (why not?)

- For Nala and Simba's "heartfelt" reunion

- To forget the fact that Nala and Simba's love life is #thriving more than yours is

- Because Simba's teenage angst really brings you back to your high school days

- To recognize Scar is truly a schemer

- Because the movie ends how it starts to really embody the Circle of Life, and that's just the beauty of the movies 

Are you sober enough to read this far into the article? Because if you are, you might just need to play again. Remember, "being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble," but you were brave enough to make it through this Lion King drinking game so you might as well cheers to that.