For me, guacamole is more ritual than dip. Rolling limes, chopping cilantro, the practiced pitting of avocados are culinary maneuvers synonymous with parties, summer and amazing food.  My ex and I had this beautiful routine where almost every afternoon we’d make guacamole together in a sunny corner of her kitchen and untangle our days over chips, and citrus and cilantro.

So, that’s my ode to avocados; Guacamole is a really big deal to me. This rant, however, is not a narrative about my green gooey heart. It’s about two lovely Spoons named Jenny and Lauryn. They are roommates who’s inseparable bromance is cemented by their mutual obsession with cat memes and fine art.  These two adorkable besties however, have never tasted guacamole in their adult lives (#TRAGIC). So, I took it upon myself to correct this.

The Great Guacamole Taste Test


Lauryn (left) & Jenny (right). What nerds. Photo by Ryan Terhune

A person’s guacamole virginity is a memorable experience, one of great momentousness: you only get one shot at a first impression and it was time to guac’ and roll. Here’s what our two n00bs thought…

First Taste


Photo by Ryan Terhune

Lauryn: “I actually don’t mind this…”

Jenny: *giggles* *chip crunch* *more giggles*

Lauryn: “…and that’s high praise from like, the world’s pickiest eater.”

LOL, Really Though, What Do You Think?


Photo by Ryan Terhune

Jenny: “Normally, I have this weird thing about consistency, especially if it’s lumpy and mushy at the same time I’ll gag: but this didn’t do that, so congrats. Also, you added cumin and coriander, and I’m a sucker for curry.”

Lauryn: “I wouldn’t buy it at Chipotle, but I would eat it if someone made it for me.”

…Not to be a sore loser, but past Spoon tastings have shown that Lauryn has a very critical palate. Am I heartbroken? Maybe a little, but Jenny and Lauryn polished off most of the bowl so I feel safe chalking this one up as a success. Not everyone shares the same undying ardor for mashed avocados, but that doesn’t mean I’m suspending my guacamole endorsement: if anything this gives me an excuse for more taste testing.