Have you ever seen a cool restaurant on Instagram that you want to try, so you either take a screenshot, save it to a folder, or write it down somewhere just to never remember to look for it again?

Same here.

Until I found the app Liist. Liist makes it easy to save all the restaurants you want to try from Instagram in one place. 

How does it work?

Once you have Liist downloaded on your phone, you can find a cool new place you want to try on Instagram. The post must have the location of the place set up on the top. Once you have your picture, you click the three little dots on the upper right-hand corner and hit "Share to...".

Next, a page provides options for how to share the selected post, such as texting, emailing, adding to reading list, and at the bottom "Save Location to Liist."

You can customize your lists any way you want via a "Hit List." Your saved posts can be categorized by location, type of food, how casual or fancy a place is, or you can opt for no organization at all.

Then hit the "Done" button, and Liist takes care of the rest. 

When you open the Liist app on your phone, it will show you a map of all of the different places you have saved from Instagram.

A great feature that Liist has is that the in-app map both shows you the location of the restaurant you saved, and a picture preview of the post you saved from Instagram, so you can remember which dish caught your eye!

You can even get directions to the restaurant, view it on Instagram, scroll through related pictures, add a note, and share it with friends, directly from Liist. 

Carlie Littman

Liist doesn't stop there. Another amazing feature is that when you click on a saved spot, it includes a little switch that you can check off once you've been to the location. It's like a restaurant bucket list, and who doesn't love to check things off? It's just so satisfying. 

I love to use Liist for restaurants, but it can be used for any Instagram post with a location! You can add a museum, park, hike, or anything your heart desires. If you love to be organized and you're the friend that always gets asked for cool food recommendations, then Liist is the app for you.