Just like most companies out in the world, Lightlife has marketing campaigns to help promote their brand and/or new products. Unlike most companies, Lightlife has teamed up with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard on a new campaign. While marketing campaigns are crucial for any business to grow or to flop, most of them aren't focused on being honest and funny, like what Lightlife has in store for us all.

What's Lightlife?

Lightlife has has an arrange of products, which includes a wide range of plant-based options such as burgers, hotdogs, ground, sausages, chicken and tempeh, allowing flexitarians like the Shepard/Bell family to enjoy flavorful and familiar meals without taking a toll on the planet. Lightlife also has tofu pups, chicken tenders, ground beef, sausage, bacon, meatballs, regular beef, hamturkey, pepperoni, chickpea and red pepper veggie deli slices, bologna, and white bean and kale veggie deli slices. So don't you say that you can't consume in what Lightlife has to offer, cause you sure can; and if you're wondering where you can buy Lightlife, click here. Vegan and vegetarian information and recipes can be found on the Spoon website for additional assistance, since cooking like an actual adult is just too damn hard; especially if you're anything like me and have an undying fear of burning your kitchen down at any given time.

What's the campaign about?

The campaign, A Taste of Honesty, is in regards to an honest approach about parenting and food. Bell and Sheppard discuss topics honestly (hence the name), such as the birds and the bees to the food on their plates at mealtime, all through the lens of their famously honest – and hilarious – approach to parenting. The thing with Lightlife is that they're committed to empowering families and inspiring honest convos in regards to food around the dinner table, and the truth of the campaign is that when you have food that's honestly good, you don't have to lie to anyone to get people to eat it. Part of the campaign is where Dax and Kristen call on parents everywhere to share their brutally honest parenting truths using the hashtag #ATasteofHonesty on Instagram and Twitter; so head over to social media to do just that, if you haven't checked out of this article to hop on social media already.

Truth is, most of our eating habits suck and we're not as aware as to what's in our food as we like to think we are. We may think that eating vegan or vegetarian one time is doing well for the planet, but a one time action doesn't have as much of an impact on the planet as continually eating vegan or vegetarian does... hashtag sustainability. That's why companies such as Lightlife are trying to make things a little easier for us all, since they understand that we're genuinely busy people that just want the hard truth as to what's in our food that's going into our bodies on a daily basis.