In the summer, most of us are pretty conscious of what we eat, but come winter, adding a few extra pounds is considered okay to keep warm. Heavy food is comforting during these cold, blistering months. But what if cold-weather comfort food didn't weigh you down? Enter these lighter soup options.

Don't get me wrong, soups can be incredibly filling, and some are fattening and thick as hell, and there is nothing wrong with those that are if that is what you are craving, but you should know that not all are. Others are pretty clean and still incredibly tasty. To make it easier for you to find, we've rounded up some of the lighter soup options for those cold winter months.

1. Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon is a subscription food service specializing in soups. They have a weekly and monthly delivery program with over 40 lighter soups to choose from.

They sent me a few day's worth of soups and, aside from me needing more salt (I'm a notorious salt fiend, which is probably not the healthiest choice), they were pretty tasty. The soups have enough nutrients and elements to rival any other meal. As an added bonus, they're light on the stomach, so you won't be feeling groggy after eating. 

If you're a snacker, they also have smoothies to enjoy between meals so you don't graze on chocolate (although the occasional treat is not discouraged).

In their own words, their program is "the culmination of over five years of diet and fasting research, customer feedback, hundreds of thousands of meals, and a whole lotta hard work." They use only the freshest veggie, gluten-free and Non-GMO ingredients and most of the bowls are less than 200 calories per serving.

2. Soupergirl!

Like the first option on the list, Soupergirl! is a soup delivery service. Their soups are a bit more spice-infused, but still vegan and light. Although they only offer soup (no smoothies here, unfortunately), they make up for it with how flavor-packed they are. Their Mexican-style Black Bean Soup will rival your local Mexican restaurant.

If you can't pronounce an ingredient it's not going in their soup, that's fresh. And they make sure to pack them with the veggies, beans and whole grains you need daily. So you can feel as good about what you're eating as you do after you eat it.

3. Hale and Hearty

If you feel like venturing out and getting some "exercise" (aka taking a walk outside to one of their many locations all over the city over getting soup delivered) before you eat, you can't go wrong with Hale & Hearty. While some of their soups are on the, well, heartier side, there are some great lighter soup options that are both filling and tasty.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of their Tomato Soup with Rice and Basil. Made with all natural ingredients (including, tomato puree,  white rice, and basil), the soup is gluten free, vegetarian, dairy-free and low-fat, but it's still packed with flavor and incredibly filling because of the rice.

4. Panera

What would a soup list be without Panera on there too? Panera's soups run the gamut from meat to veggie and they always have new additions based on the season. But you can never go wrong with their classics. And if you need a little more sustenance, pair it with a sandwich.

Even the most unhealthy—the broccoli cheddar—isn't terrible for you. Made with delicious milk products, fresh broccoli and a selection of spices, the broccoli cheddar soup feels like comfort food but comes in under 400 calories. 

5. Juice Press

I kid you not, my co-worker swears by Juice Press's Egyptian Red Lentil Soup. She eats it nearly every day and hasn't gotten tired of it in months, which really tells you something about the flavor that's packed into this.

A giant container of soup could last you three-four days, so it's good for you and your wallet. Juice Press also spells out the nutrients you get from all your orders, and there are a ton of nutrients. Also one serving is only 10% of your daily carb intake, so it frees you up for that extra sourdough at family dinners and group dates.

I've always been a fan of their smoothies, but their soups are nothing to sleep on. Plus, as a healthy all-around destination, your body will thank you. Definitely check out their other offerings; you won't be disappointed.

Cold has finally hit us, so embrace it and heat yourself from the inside out. But don't feel like filling has to mean weighed down. Grab one of these lighter winter soup options and full will still mean fabulous.