Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to fall in love with Hanover all over again, despite the fact that even if you’re only a second-term freshman, you’ve eaten at almost every restaurant by now. Take this time to choose the perfect spot, no matter who you’re eating with and remember that whoever that person is, food is always there for you, loves you unconditionally and will never let you down. (We’re talking about Molly’s bread here, folks.)

Newly In a Relationship

The only option here, of course, is Pine, Hanover’s swankiest spot. Now that you’ve finally made things official with your beau, it’s time to cement that Facebook status by impressing him or her with a fancy meal at the Hanover Inn. Pull out your classiest clothes (and, um, your wallet) and prepare for an evening of wowing your new significant other with your knowledge of which fork to use.


Photo by Sharon Cho

In a Long-Term Relationship

They say novelty is key in successful long-term relationships, and by this point you’ve probably had your fair share of Morano gelato runs together. Spice it up a bit this Valentine’s Day by keeping it sweet, but adding some tang – Noodle Station for dinner and frozen yogurt at the Swirl and Pearl to finish the meal. The eatery is a bit more secluded, perfect for longtime lovebirds like the two of you and fro-yo’s a little bit more nonconventional than the classic gelato.


Photo courtesy of the Swirl and Pearl

In a Long-Distance Relationship

This one’s tough, but not uncommon, thanks to the good ole D-Plan. If you’re snowed in here in Hanover while your bae is out of town, My Brigadeiro is the solution to your Valentine’s Day woes: they ship their gourmet chocolates all over the country. Pick out something sweet (try the Romeo and Juliet or the Cherry Valentine!) to put in the mail and while you’re at it, treat yourself.

Kim 1/16/15 My Brigadeiro

Photo by Sally Kim

It’s Complicated

You haven’t quite set things in stone with this individual. Maybe you’re stuck in the friend zone or not even sure what to call the zone the two of you are occupying. Whatever the case may be, stop in for something short and sweet this Saturday with lunch or a snack at Market Table. This little bistro is secluded, classy and wide-ranging in their menu – the perfect place to spend some quality alone time with the object of your affection and impress him or her with your selection of such a chic café.


Photo courtesy of Market Table


If you’re single as a Pringle (and loving it, I might add), your best bet is EBA’s. A night in with the girls (or the bros?) wouldn’t be complete without steaming pizza delivered straight to your door. And hey, if you feel like treating yourself to an evening of rejuvenating solitude, there’s always the personal pizza option… what doesn’t taste better when you don’t have to share?


Photo courtesy of EBA’s

Looking to get out of Hanover for a meal? Check out these options: