Feed your soul with some insightful, important quizzes. You’re welcome.

1. How Well Do You Know Food Brand Slogans?


Photo via www.justinshull.net

Put your money where your mouth is, and see how well you actually know these food brand slogans.

2. Which Food Network Star Are You?


Photo courtesy of Food Network

You’ve been watching this channel with dedication since you were a youngin’. See which Food Network star you are with this fun quiz.

3. Which Superfood Should You Be Eating?


Photo courtesy of flickr.com

Kale isn’t the only superfood okaaay. Take the test and see what superfood you should be eating here.

4. Which Type of Coffee Are You?


Photo by Abby Reisinger

So you love caffeine a latte. Find out which type of coffee drink you are and espress yoself.

5. Which Food State of America Should You Live in?


Photo courtesy of The Food Section

If you’re a key lime pie kinda guy or a sweet potato gal, find out which state you should live in according to your fave food.

6. Which Retired Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Are You?


Photo by Amanda Shulman

Are you classic like Cherry Garcia? Or a little more spunky like The Tonight Dough? Find out which retired flavor you are here.

7. Which Chopped Judge Are You?


Photo courtesy of The Food Network

The Chopped judges truly have the dream gig: watching Chopped live, trying food all day, and getting to give sassy shade. Which judge would you be?

8. Which Drunk Food Are You?


Photo by Gabby Phi

Sometimes you’re stumbling all over the place and need something to satisfy your tipsy cravings. Find out what your preferred munchie says about you.

9. What Kind of Chef Are You?


Photo by Kai Huang

Sometimes you can be a casual Bobby Flay, or maybe you’re a British qt like Jamie Oliver. Which chef are you?

10. Which College Do You Belong At? Food Edition


If you’re searching for the right foodie school for you, or curious where else you could belong, check this quiz out.

11. What Beer Are You?


Photo via www.desktopaper.com

Angry Orchard or Stella Artois? Corona or PBR? See which beer you are here. #frat

12. Which Southern Food Are You?


Photo via Laity Lodge in Flickr

A little southern comfort food goes a long way, but there’s always so much good stuff to choose from. Find out which southern food you are here.

13. What Meal of the Day Are You?


Photo by Lisa Gong

Some people are hardcore brunch fans forever, while some people skip breakfast. Which meal of the day are you?

14. What Energy Bar is Right For You?


Photo by Katie Walsh

Be it Kashi or Luna, energy bars are such a quick and easy way to get a good amount of energy and protein fast. Which one are you?

15. Which Insomnia Cookie Are You?


Photo by Armin Nayak

Ahhhh, Insomnia Cookies. Bless this company for existing. Find out which beloved cookie you are here.

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