I’ve named myself the ~official~ salty snack queen of Spoon University. From chips to pretzels and everything in-between, there’s really nothing I respect more than a salty crunch. Obviously, Lay’s is the holy grail of all things salty snacks. I love Lay’s so much that I’ve pretty much become a pro at recognizing their products from the opposite end of the grocery aisle. Last night while grocery shopping—ok fine, I was looking for ice cream—I saw color bags where Lay’s Poppables usually are. Have they taken away my beloved Poppables? I thought to myself. I moved closer to find that my favorite salty snack had just gotten a bit of a makeover!

With the upcoming release of Dreamworks Trolls World Tour, Lay’s Poppables bags have gotten the full Trolls-treatment. These limited-edition bags feature the tiny stars of Trolls World Tour and they’re seriously the cutest thing I’ve seen on a bag of potato chips in a long time. The flavors and their Trolls counterparts are Poppy and Sea Salt, Branch and Sea Salt & Vinegar, Tiny Diamond and Creamy Jalapeno, Barb and Honey BBQ and finally, Delta Dawn and White Cheddar.

In addition to the fun colors, these bags will also have a code that can be entered at Poppables.com to win prizes. From a chance to win Fandango tickets to see the movie to the grand prize winner receiving tickets to their very own “World Tour” of six music festivals across the country, one bag of chips could really change your life.

It’s really a win-win for everyone here and if you’re looking for options on where to start, as the expert, I’d suggest starting with the Sea Salt & Vinegar to accompany your lunch and save the White Cheddar as a snack to look forward to after class. But they're limited-edition so grab a bag (or three, no judgment) now!