Death can be quite a scary thought; but thinking about it with food in mind makes things a little more bearable (and tasty). Here’s a quick run down on what six UT students chose as their exit meal.

Sana Vawda, Human Development and Family Sciences


Photo by Gabby Phi

“Does it have to be a meal or can it be a dessert?” Sana asked. I told her anything is fine as long as it’s a dish.

“Okay, I’m only saying this because I’m craving it right now. But I’d get the chocolate tuxedo cream cheesecake from  Cheesecake Factory.”

Stephen Stacey, Civil Engineering


Photo by Gabby Phi

“I’d probably get a steak from Ruth’s Chris Steak House,” Stephen said.

“I feel like it’d be a really slow meal to eat so I can enjoy my last meal. And it’s really good.”

Teagan Gil, Neuroscience


Photo by Gabby Phi


“There’s this restaurant in San Antonio called Tai-Sun that I’ve been going to since I was a baby. I’d get the crab rangoon. It’s just delicious and comforting,” Teagan said.

Alif Musa, Petroleum Engineering


Photo by Gabby Phi

“I don’t want dessert before I die. That’d make me feel bad about myself. I’d probably get something spicy like  buffalo wings,” Alif said. I asked if he had any specific restaurant in mind.

“Thai Spice,” Alif replied. “I go there too much.”

Joshua Nguyen, Biochemistry and Daphne Thammasila, Undeclared

Joshua & Daphne

Photo by Gabby Phi

“Well, I’d start off with sushi from Hokkaido as an appetizer,” Joshua said, “Then I’d get ‘granny’s eggs,’ this egg and beef dish my grandma used to make before she moved to California. Then I’d get the pork chop from Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille. I’ve only finished it twice in my life. Oh and with a side of my mom’s spaghetti and meatballs,” He continued, “For dessert, I’d get an apple pie from House of Pies. That’s it”

After hearing Joshua’s extensive meal, I asked Daphne what hers would be.

“I’d probably eat the crazy spider roll from Hokkaido, my mom’s beef stew and my dad’s rice soup. And an apple pie from House of Pies too,” Daphne said.

Joshua chimed in, still considering the question. “I’ll probably spend the whole day eating this. I mean, it’s my last meal. I don’t know if I’d last the whole day though.”