Did you forget to make Valentine’s Day reservations and don’t want to be stuck with an angry significant other and reservations at 5 or 10pm? We scoured OpenTable for the most fitting spots for you to take your girl/guy on the most romantic day of the year. Plus, if you’re reading this really late, we’ve also included some places that don’t take reservations at all, so you can try your luck just walking in!

If you’ve been hooking up but it’s not serious yet and you don’t want to freak him/her out:

White Dog Cafe (American, $$): 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, 8, 8:30

Lolita (Mexican, $$): 9:30pm

Pizzeria Vetri (Pizzeria, $): No reservations!

Valentine’s Day

Photo by Amanda Shulman

*These are also great places to go with friends.*


If you’re somewhere between hooking up seriously and newly dating:

Zama (Sushi, $$$): 9pm, 9:15pm

Valentine’s Day

Photo by Lucy Rubin

FARMiCiA (Contemporary American, $$$): 9pm, 9:15pm

Audrey Claire (Mediterranean, $$): No reservations!


If you guys are dating and he/she is actually into food:

Petruce Et Al (Contemporary American, $$): 9:30pm, 9:45pm

Garces Trading Company (European, $$$): 9pm, 9:15pm


If you’re just looking for some mood lighting and Lady & The Tramp action:

Le Castagne (Italian, $$$): 9:15pm, 9:30pm

Zinc (French, $$$): 9pm

Barra Rossa (Italian, $$): 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm

Chloe BYOB (European, $$$): No reservations!


If your significant other is the love of your life and/or you just received your signing bonus:

Vista Room at Top of the Tower (American, $$$$): 7:15pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm

Estia (Mediterranean, $$$$): 9:30pm, 9:45pm

Palm Restaurant (Steakhouse, $$$$): 8:45pm, 9pm

Whether friends or soulmates, there are still tons of restaurant options available for everyone. Labeling your relationship might be hard (what does “exclusive” mean, anyway?), but at least now you can rest assured that picking a restaurant won’t be.