Don’t know what to get for your date this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. It’s never too late to buy the food-loving gal, pal, or lover something that’s going to make them feel special. From sweet treats to savory delights, your loved ones (whether it’s for your Galentines or your significant other) will absolutely adore these last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that you can easily order online or pick up from a store before February 14 rolls around.

1. Barilla’s Heart-Shaped Pasta

Photo by Barilla

Show your love this Valentine’s Day dinner with Barilla’s heart-shaped pasta. It’s only around $2 to buy this box, which has six servings per container (perfect if you’re doing a Galentine’s). This pasta is perfect for pairing with whatever your favorite pasta sauce is. Pasta is so easy to cook, so this would be a really cute last-minute idea to put together! This pasta is available at select grocery stores for a limited time, so visit your local Walmart ASAP.

2. Godiva’s Chocolate Truffles

Photo by Godiva

Godiva’s Signature Truffles box is a great gift for a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day. This box includes the bestselling milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate truffles. The truffles are each decorated in cute colors and patterns, and they come in a nice box with a red ribbon around it, perfect for a gift.

3. Dessert-Themed Scented Candles

Photo by Amazon

There’s nothing more romantic than candles, and setting the mood with dessert-themed scented candles creates such a warm and intimate atmosphere for a Valentine’s Day evening. This Pink Sugar Cookie Scented Candle on Etsy is such a cute and sweet one. The Chocolate Fudge Brownie Candle on Amazon is also great for any chocolate lovers. 

4. Heart-Shaped Macarons

Photo by Mackenzie

These heart-shaped macarons are perfect for a sweet treat after dinner this Valentine’s Day. Flavors include almond macarons filled with creamy vanilla and raspberry flavors. Besides sounding absolutely yummy, they also look super cute and romantic.

5. Gourmet Popcorn Sampler Gift Box 

Photo by Popsanity

If you’re planning on having a cozy movie night, these are perfect. This assortment offers sweet flavors like s’mores, rocky road, blueberry scone, and chocolate peanut butter, all fitting the Valentine’s Day theme!

6. Sprinkler’s Valentine’s Cupcakes 

Photo by Sprinkler's

These assorted dozen box of cupcakes from Sprinkler’s are so romantic for an after-dinner dessert. They include three red velvet cupcakes, three raspberry chocolate chip cupcakes, three vanilla, and three heartthrob red velvet sprinkle. These cupcakes also come with a Valentine’s Day gift wrap if you’re planning on gifting them to a special someone.

7. Pottery Barn’s Heart-Shaped Serving Platter

Photo by Pottery Barn

This light pink heart-shaped serving platter with a soft watercolor finish from Pottery Barn is an adorable centerpiece for a table for two. You can put different cookies or cupcakes in it and fill it with cute treats.

8. Tipsy Turvey’s Bar Glass Set

Photo by Bando

Who wouldn’t want to drink mimosas or sparkling water out of these Bar Glasses during Valentine's Day with your romantic partner or best friends? The red and pink addition to the glasses fits the Valentine’s vibe so well.

9. Yungala’s Pink Glass Plates Set

Photo by Amazon

These pink glass plates set on Amazon are perfect to elevate your table. The pink is so cute and radiates romantic Valentine’s Day vibes, adding an extra layer of style to your romantic celebration. These match so well with the Pottery Barn serving platter for a nice table setup.

10. Blu Devil’s Kissing Mugs

Photo by Amazon

These cute mugs from Blu Devil are a set, and they fit together cutely for a kiss. This set is such a sweet idea for a gift for Valentine’s Day. They also come with matching teaspoons.