Okay, so you forgot about Valentine's Day. Or you decided to get a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for someone.

Gift giving is hard regardless, so here's a list of totally amazing last minute Valentine's Day gifts for your foodie BFF or significant other. These gifts are more personal than flowers and yummier than chocolates. And of course, as college students, we don't have a bottomless bank account, so this list is from lowest to highest price. Let's dive right in:

1. DIY Cookie/Brownie/S'mores Mix in a Jar

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Izzi Weiss

A DIY mason jar mix is the cheapest, easiest way to impress someone on Valentine's Day. No one will ever know this was a last minute Valentine's Day gift because it's so thoughtful! And, it's super easy to make since you probably have all the ingredients lying around somewhere. You put anything from cookies, brownies, or s'mores mix in a jar. Pop a tag on with the instructions and have a night in with your friends or your significant other.

Price: $0-$5

2. Doughnuts from Dough

Dough makes the biggest and most gorgeous doughnuts around. This basically says, "I donut think I could love you even more than I do now." 

#SpoonTip: If Dough isn't in your area, grab some heart-shaped doughnuts from Dunkin' Donuts. Because donuts are the way to a person's heart. 

Price: $3-$5/doughnut

3. Sloth Tea Infuser 

For someone who's your cup of tea. Last minute Valentine's Day gift? More like cutest Valentine's Day gift.

Price: $8.52

4. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Coffee lovers rejoice! Blue Bottle Coffee (my personal favorite) delivered straight to your home is the perfect way of saying, "I love you a latte." Best of all, the confirmation email is all the proof you need for this gift. Choose your perfect subscription here. (Doggo not included.)

Price: $7-$8 (plus shipping) for a 6-oz. bag

5. Wine

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Emma Delaney

Who doesn't love getting wine as a gift? And better yet, no one has to know you paid $5.

Price: Whatever fits your budget

6. Heart-Shaped Pizza

Pizza Hut is offering a heart-shaped pizza and your choice of dessert for only $13.99. This pretty much says "Galentine's Day Party" and "You just took a little pizza my heart."

Price: $13.99

7.  Try The World Subscription Box

Try the World is a subscription box service that sends you monthly packages of foods from different cultures. You'll get to travel the world without ever leaving your couch. Make this a monthly wine + food + Netflix party with your favorite foodie. Check out their boxes here!

Price: Snack boxes start at $19, Country boxes start at $39

8. Bonus! For Your Furry Valentine

Pick up local treats from your pet store for your furry valentine. There's a 99% chance they will give you sloppy kisses.

Price: Priceless 

And there you have it! Seven (and one bonus!) ideas for last minute Valentine's Day gifts. Go forth and have a good time with the people you love. Happy Valentine's Day!