I know it was hard to choose, but only one chocolate could come out on top.

Come on down to Farinon and let us know what your favorite chocolate is! #spoonsenses

A photo posted by Spoon University- Lafayette (@spoon_lafayette) on Nov 5, 2015 at 3:02pm PST

Why such a fantastic event?

The first Thursday of every month each Spoon chapter must hold an event representing the designated theme.This month the theme was senses. Lafayette College (being the wise students we are) decided to host a chocolate tasting for all students in Farinon College Center. Free + Chocolate = Success.

What went down…

We had three kinds of chocolate: white, milk and dark. Let me tell you, people take their favorite chocolate VERY seriously. After witnessing many couples almost part ways due to differing chocolate tastes and hearing jabs such as, “how dare you say dark is your favorite?” and, “are you serious? White chocolate isn’t even a real chocolate,” I realized that this was no longer a tasting; this was a full fledged competition.

ONE HOUR LEFT TO TASTE CHOCOLATE AND LET US KNOW YOUR FAVORITE KIND #spoonsenses A photo posted by Spoon University- Lafayette (@spoon_lafayette) on Nov 5, 2015 at 4:00pm PST

The People

Some people knew right away what their favorite was, opting to only take a piece of their favorite (why they wouldn’t take one of each for free is beyond me). These lovely human beings would often state, “dark for sure” or whichever chocolate was their favorite.

Others took a piece of each chocolate, savoring each bite and clearly contemplating which to choose. After these equally as lovely human beings made their decision, their responses tended to sound like, “well.. I think I’ll have to go with milk,” clearly showing their deep, internal struggle with declaring, out loud, their favorite chocolate.


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Tallying it all up

After crunching the numbers there was a clear winner. Now, there wasn’t always a clear winner. In fact, different chocolates were ahead at different times making this event extremely suspenseful. I was anticipating the choice of each participant attempting to guess which chocolate would take the lead.

When all was said and done, white came in last. Don’t feel too bad for good old white chocolate- it still got an impressive 17 votes. This leaves dark and milk to battle it out for the title of Lafayette’s favorite chocolate.

I know, the anticipation is killing all of you and believe me, it was killing me too. So, the 2015 favorite chocolate is… MILK. Milk had a whopping 26 votes and runner up dark had a total of 22. Will milk stay on top for years to come? We will have to find out.