You can learn a lot about someone by whether or not they consider themselves a beach-person or a pool-person. But no matter the personality type, everyone is going to want to wear these new pastel swimsuits. There's now a swimwear line with each item designed to look like a can of LaCroix, and it is straight fire. 

The swimsuits, designed by LA-based designer Eric Wu, look like legit cans of the sparkling water, funky text and all. There are six women's one piece swimsuits and six men's swim trunks available, each reflecting an iconic LaCroix flavor: Pure, Lemon, Lime, Passionfruit, Pamplemousse, and Cran-Raspberry. They're currently available for purchase online at Public Space; one pieces go for $49.50 and trunks go for $39.50. If it's your first time purchasing something from the site though, it appears you can get 10 percent off your first purchase by signing up for their emails.

Wu told USA Today in an email that this is an unofficial collab, meaning LaCroix is not behind the swimwear at all, but he thinks they are aware of it. This certainly isn't the first brand Wu has riffed off of. He's designed other clothing items using brand logos from Crystal Pepsi, Evian, Pocky, and more. LaCroix, however, deems the most popular of the bunch. 

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Mackenzie Patel

In all honesty, these are probably more up the pool people's alley (speaking from a pool person). But the days of sipping on LaCroix while you lay out by the pool or sit in the sand on the beach are just ahead. Now, imagine doing that dressed like a legit tall drink of water.