Three days and two foodies. I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream of acai bowls and excessive amounts of fresh sushi. Yes, I brag about the food in Scottsdale but Los Angeles is on a whole new level. It's 6:30 am and I am on my way to a food packed weekend. Luckily my friend is a fellow foodie and always treats me with the best spots all over the valley. From Instagram famous spots like Malibu Farm and NOBU NOBU NOBU to the hole in the wall gems. I definitely got the LA food tour. My food vacation was very successful with these 5 spots.

1.  UBATUBA Acai

Did I mention my flight left Tucson at 6:30 am? Yes, I landed at LAX at 7:30 am and my tummy was already ready to indulge in my favorite acai spot. Uba Tuba, weird name right? Yes, but the bowls are unreal, I’m telling you. In Phoenix, we have Nektar and other wannabe spots. I don’t know how California does it but their acai bowls are so much better. We ordered our bowls and enjoyed no traffic on our way home. I guess these are the perks of early flights.

2. Kushiyu 

Kushiyu was on the top of my list. Kushiyu is located right next to Penelope and North's dance studio so I knew it had to be good. If only we met the girls and their famous moms. Kushiyu is a sushi restaurant and a "must" if you are in the area. Pictured above is the Seabass Green roll. Inside the roll are sea bass and a creamy sauce. Arugula and lemon are tossed on top of the roll.

3. The Butcher's Daughter 

Rachel Hurvitz

Butcher's Daughter was a new spot for me. My friend recommended it since we spent the day at Abbot Kinney St. in Venice, which is such a touristy spot. The food at Butcher's Daughter is extremely picture worthy. The restaurant aesthetic is on point. It is located in a beautiful area with tons of fancy stores and great ice cream and coffee shops. My friend and I took so many pictures here and we most definitely got a "postable" picture. 

4. Brentwood Farmers Market 

Rachel Hurvitz

Sundays are the best day for coffee, avocado toast, and a hike. This is exactly what we did, except for the hike, however, the farmers market sure felt like one. The farmers market in Santa Monica was a huge LA local spot and it lived up to what I thought it would be. Overpriced peanut butter and delicious coffee and avocado toast. Pictured above is the Avolil which comes topped with lox, capers and crème fraiche...YUM!

5. Carrera Cafe

Rachel Hurvitz

Carrera Café is not like any other LA coffee shop. CC is known for their lattes with pictures engraved in frothy milk. I was dying to go just to get this photo shown. Pictured is a vanilla latte with Kim K’s crying face. Fun fact; they do upcharge for Kim’s face and they only add pictured to normal lattes (no iced drinks or match lattes). They have cute sayings to pictures of Ryan Gosling. The aesthetic of the cafe is beyond trendy. Girls always take pictures in the cafe with there drinks and there LA styled outfits. Trust me, check out the Carrera Cafe Instagram. 

Overall, the weekend was everything I expected and more. I am landing back in Tucson soon, but dreaming of the delicious meals I had in LA. I am satisfied, full and cannot wait for my next trip to the city of angels.