The worst part about being lactose intolerant is not having ice cream. However, I have discovered the perfect solution to my dairy-free problem: La Loo's Goat Milk Ice Cream. My aunt recently introduced me to La Loo's, and it has changed my life.

Although there are several non-dairy ice creams out there, I find that they are grainy and lack the creamy goodness of real ice cream. La Loo's gives you the flavor and texture of real ice cream, so much that you don't miss the cows. 

But doesn't goat's milk have lactose?

Goat's milk does still have some lactose, but there is 10% less present than in cow's milk.  Technically this ice cream isn't lactose-free, but I can attest that it is lactose-friendly. Typically, if I eat normal ice cream it means that my stomach will hurt a lot and I will burp like crazy. After eating this ice cream, I didn't feel anything at all! 

How It's Made  

La Loo's ice cream begins with goats in Wisconsin. At a facility close to the farm, the goat milk is verified as hormone-free, and it is then churned and filled into the pint containers. At the same time, the flavor swirls and additions are added. 

Many of the flavors have a short list of ingredients, something I am always looking for when I buy processed food. The vanilla flavor has 6 ingredients: goat milk, sugar, egg yolk, vanilla extract, guar gum, and carob gum. The ingredient list is similar for all of the flavors, just with various flavor additions. 

The Flavors

Madeleine Platten

There are six different flavors of La Loo's, so you'll never have to stick with plain vanilla. I have tried all of the flavors except the Mystic Strawberry, but I'm waiting for my chance because the rest of the flavors have all tasted fantastic and have not destroyed my stomach. 


"An exquisite combination of mint with decadent tiles of rich dark chocolate."

This flavor is just like the mint chocolate chip of your childhood (or present) but amped up. There is a strong, fresh mint flavor that goes perfectly with the dark chocolate. I didn't expect mint to go well with the goaty-tang, but I was wrong. 

Sea Salt Caramel

"Sweet cream with ribbons of goat milk caramel, lightly dusted with sea salt."

La Loo's Sea Salt Caramel ice cream super creamy and has thick ribbons of caramel running throughout the caramel ice cream. This is my favorite flavor of the bunch, and  I ended up devouring the pint on this one. #noregrets. 

Capraccino Almond Fudge

"Light expresso bean with swirls of gooey chocolate and almonds" 

This energizing flavor was the first flavor of La Loo's I'd ever had, and it got me hooked. The fudge swirls and almonds are great additions to a simple (but flavorful) coffee base. 

Deep Chocolate 

 "A rich & decadent fusion of gourmet chocolate & cacao"

I am typically not a chocolate ice cream kind of girl, but the La Loo's Deep Chocolate was a different story. Deep chocolate is no lie, and it is 100x better than the plain chocolate ice cream you pick up at the grocery store. 

Vanilla Snowflake

"A luxurious & creamy blend of sweet cream and Madagascar vanilla"

Most vanilla ice creams are really just a base for ice cream sundaes, but not La Loo's. This is one of the best vanilla ice creams I have ever had. It is creamy and simple, but with a strong vanilla flavor. It's impossible to let go of a pint of this stuff.

Mystic Strawberry

"Delicious red strawberries blended into a creamy sea of magical strawberry goodness."

Mystic Strawberry only flavor I haven't tried, for now. However, I am looking to someday enjoying the creamy strawberry ice cream with chunks of fresh strawberry. 

Where to Find La Loo's 

La Loo's can be ordered online through Ice Cream Source or it can be found in stores such as various Kroger's and Whole Foods. The easiest way to find La Loo's near you is to use the location finder. 

Now that you know where to find La Loo's, all you have to do is pick up a pint and discover the magic of goat's milk ice cream. And why try just one flavor when you can try all six?