As more and more COVID-19 information hits the news, we're also hearing more news about people stepping up for the good of the community. In my opinion, this is the best type of news to hear right now. LA-based beverage brand, Bev, is giving back to the LA community in the best way. Here's a little more information about the company and their initiative. 

What is Bev?

Amelia Hitchens

Bev "is a community that promotes female empowerment in business and beyond." The LA based alcoholic beverage company strives to "break the glass" by creating equality in the workplace through their entire team effort. 

Their products include Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and Pinot Grigio all of which can be purchased online and even in a variety pack

Giving back to the LA community

Amelia Hitchens

In their initiative to give back to the LA community, Bev just purchased ethanol from its distributor in order to make and distribute hand sanitizer. They will be distributing their hand sanitizer free of charge to the local Venice community, especially to those affected by homelessness and/or the elderly.  

Bev founder, Alix Peabody, recently spoke about this initiative explaining, "As an alcoholic beverage company, Bev is very lucky in that we are licensed to purchase ethanol directly from our suppliers, who are doing their part by discounting the product to anyone licensed to purchase it. 

Community underscores everything we do here at Bev, and as such, we will be producing hand sanitizer and distributing it free of charge to the homeless and elderly communities here in Venice, populations who largely have insufficient access to healthcare and essential goods like sanitizer. Our community has supported and rallied behind Bev and our mission since day one. We see it as our responsibility, but even more so our privilege, to step up during this time in every way we know how."

LA Service Workers Relief Fund

Amelia Hitchens

In addition to their production of hand sanitizer, Bev recently created a GoFundMe for LA service workers and have already raised over $3,000! Their goal is to support hosts, servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff by donating all the money they raise and splitting it evenly amongst these employees. 

In the GoFundMe post, they state, "Your donation goes directly to service workers who likely have no idea where their next paycheck will be coming from. Your donation matters. We thank you for your support!"

Text for delivery service

Amelia Hitchens

Bev has also created a text for delivery service that makes ordering your favorite beverages so simple. Just text your order to (323) 289-6964 and they'll help you complete your transaction. Then, your order will arrive at your doorstep in just TWO hours! How about that for some amazing customer service? The best part about this is that these sales will go to relief efforts as well.

You can learn more about Bev by visiting their website, or visiting their Go Fund Me page here. If you're in the LA area, I would absolutely take advantage of their new text to order option. After all, you would be contributing to an amazing cause!

It's initiatives like these that give you a spark of hope in confusing times. There are truly some amazing people out there! At the end of the day, we really are all in this together.