The year is 2017 and one thing that people love doing is keeping up with pop culture and food trends like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or KUWTK for short. Just like us, the infamous Kardashian family eats food. And just like us, they have their own places that they rave about nonstop.

They go through the same those feels when (aka TFW for short) food moments as we do. Although the Kardashians are famous and we aren't, here's how they can explain those TFW food moments that we all experience. 

When you're too busy stuffing your face with some bomb ass food but your friends say that you look like a chipmunk while doing so.

You do you. If you're really enjoying a dish, don't let your friends bring you down.

When your friends are planning to go out to eat and are waiting for your invite.

Besides being with your friends, there's probably one other thing that you want - FOOD.

When you just got your food and drop it on the floor accidentally and then watch it go all over the place but are low-key starving.

Sometimes,  you're just very hungry. You can't control what happens after getting your food. So what if you drop it? Maybe you were just too excited to get it.

When you feel bloated and gross but still want more food.

You can't control when you're hungry, so starving yourself would not be the way to go.

When your friends are opposed to you taking pics of your food for the gram.

Who cares about being sexy when you're making more of a priority out of food pics?

When you're at a new food place and can't decide on what to eat since everything sounds amazing.

You know that song that goes "help, I need somebody" in it? Yeah.. go help your indecisive friend out.

When one of your favorite food places opens up a location near you and you feel obligated to go as soon as possible.

You're just meant to live near your food heaven.

When all you do is eat but your friends start to get just a tad bit concerned about your eating habits.

When we're hungry, we're hungry. Don't talk to us - we just want food. 

If you keep up with the Kardashians, you'd realize that they're not perfect either and love food just as much as you and I do. It's human and perfectly fine to love food more than people.