For months, Krispy Kreme has been handing out free donuts to customers with a valid COVID-19 vaccination card. However, it would be a mistake to glaze over their latest offer: not just one, but two free donuts. One is even shaped like a heart!

As a way to commemorate the FDA’s full approval of the COVID-19 vaccination, “Show Your Heart” is a campaign running from Aug. 30 to Sept. 5 at Krispy Kremes across the nation. The same rules apply as before: show your vaccination card for one Original Glazed Donut and one Original Glazed Heart Donut per day, completely free of charge.

As of now, Krispy Kreme has given away more than 2.5 million free donuts over the course of its vaccination campaign. The company is certainly no stranger to giving out freebies; last year, they gave out more than 30 million free donuts to teachers, healthcare workers, and graduating seniors.

If you find yourself in need of more heart-shaped goodness, don’t worry—the limited-time donut will also be available for purchase during the campaign.

After Sept. 5, Krispy Kreme will resume its one-free-donut-a-day offer for its vaccinated customers until the end of the year.