Google has become America’s go-to site for some of the most important questions that come to mind: what did Kim and Kanye name their newborn daughter? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? We turn to Google to learn the ins and outs of every aspect of our lives, especially food.

Of all the questions to ask about food, these are the top searches we came up with from 2014.

Top Calorie Search: Bananas


Photo by Julie Haupin

We’ll start with the boring stuff. Top calorie searches ranged from watermelon (#8) to a slice of pumpkin pie (#2). By the way, the numbers for those respectively are 85 and 323–just saved you a Google search.

But who took #1 spot? The caloric count of a banana. I guess they can be pretty sneaky because while they are a fruit with tons of health benefits, consisting of 105 calories. Bananas are worth every calorie, though, when they’re in  banana bread.

Top Beer: Budweiser


Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Budweiser was top of the list, which is not surprising. Maybe they were able to win Americans over with their commercials featuring adorable puppies and horses. Pabst Blue Ribbon was #8, so maybe it is not quite as hipster as everyone seems to think.

Top CocktailMargarita 


Photo by Vinita Saggurti

Margarita and Martini. I personally contributed to this, and the knowledge has made me more popular. Try this recipe to keep you warm this winter.

Top DietPaleo


Photo courtesy of

Paleo Diet may have stolen the #1 spot, but the Atkins Diet was right behind it. The Paleo diet focuses heavily on eating healthy, while the Atkins Diet is centered around weight loss. The Mediterranean Diet is also very common, but don’t be fooled by pita bread…it’s not as light as you may think.

Top DrinkWine


photo by Bernard Wen

In this very general category, wine claims the #1 spot, followed closely by coffee. It’s clear that more people in America are interested in getting drunk than jump starting their mornings. Side note: these drinks actually switched spots since last year, so our country is either becoming more alcoholic or we are all becoming wine connoisseurs.

Top RecipeChicken


Photo by Katherine Richter

Chicken recipes were the #1 search in this category, which is pretty practical. Although the practicality of chicken recipes does not apply to my roommate. Unfortunately, she managed to break our oven while baking chicken. Here’s how to not do that.

Top FoodsPizza


Photo by Genny Liebes

And now for the good stuff, pizza. Pizza has maintained its reigning position since last year and the year before that. I can only imagine that the majority of those searches come from drunk college kids, frantically typing “pizza” into any search bar they can find, in the hopes that it will just appear at their door. Don’t worry guys, because this app will put any pizza concerns to rest.

Top WorkoutInsanity


Photo courtesy of

Now that I’ve made you hungry, I’m going to make you anxious by telling you the top workout searched was “Insanity“, a full body workout that requires no gym equipment. This fad video workout has taken over as the leading way to inspire Americans to get fit.

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